Do you want to self-build your own home?
Acting as an Owner Builder?
Using your own labor and subcontractors?

We specialize in 12-month self build construction loans, also known as owner builder loans. We do not require you to hire a general contractor. Monthly payments are interest only and are calculated from the date of each draw. Upon completion, you will refinance through your favorite mortgage lender. There is no prepayment penalty, and its ok if you have already started construction.

To get started, simply fill in our Qualification Questionnaire. We will then reply with our free evaluation including loan costs and application instructions.

Loan Features

Self Build your house – your way. This is the easiest and most flexible construction loan for any one building their own home!
You are free to purchase materials from your favorite suppliers.
You can hire your favorite subcontractors.
You can use your own labor
Build from your own house plans, not ours.
You do not have to hire a licensed contractor or project supervisor to qualify for our construction loan.
  • No application fee and no credit report fee. This means you can find out if you qualify, and if you do, what the conditions and terms will be without incurring any charges.
  • Our construction loans are for 12 months with no pre-payment penalty. Extensions are available. Upon completion you will refinance through your preferred mortgage lender.
  • Unlimited draws are provided with no draw fees, or inspection fees.
  • Construction draw requests can be made up front by phone or email. Draws can be sent via ACH, wire transfer or by check.
  • It’s ok if construction has already started.
  • Loan amounts up to $500,000.

Loan Requirements

  • The Minimum Down Payment Requirement is equal to 35% of your Total Cost of Project

$100,000 Current value of the dirt
$200,000 Cost of construction and site improvements
$300,000 Total Cost of Project
X     35%
$105,000 Required Down Payment

In this example, the borrower needs to possess $105,000 of down payment prior to receiving $195,000 in construction funds.

The down payment is defined as today’s current value of the dirt, less any money you owe for it, plus the cash you have paid or intend to pay towards construction prior to closing on your construction loan.

Exceptions for a down payment less than 35% may be possible for those with a credit score of 775 or higher.

  • Minimum Credit Score requirement is 725. Exceptions for lower scores may be possible for those with a down payment higher than 35% equity.
  • Other Requirements exist.

For a free assessment of your qualifications, please submit our Qualification Questionnaire. Our reply will include loan features, all requirements and loan costs.

We promise to be as flexible as possible!


How would you like to find out if you prequalify?
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This questionnaire is for conversation purposes only. It is not an application and will not enable us to pull your credit report.

Qualification Questionnaire

Want to learn more about being your own general contractor?

Learn how to stay organized, on budget, and on time with this comprehensive online course for owner builders.

All graduates will be reimbursed the cost of this class when they receive a construction loan from Owner Builder Loans LLC.

Owner Builder Loans LLC is not affiliated with and does not require you to take this class to qualify for a construction loan.